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The History of the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy can help your child say goodbye to their baby teeth, and at Azarko Debtal Group, our Edmonton children's dentists can ensure that their adult teeth grow in healthy and strong. Call us today to schedule your next children’s dental cleaning.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bridges and Implants

Visit your Edmonton dentist at Azarko Dental Group in West Edmonton to speak to our dentists about our dental bridges and dental implants today.

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Too Busy to Call? Book an Appointment with Our Edmonton Dental Clinic on Facebook

Now you can book online with Azarko Dental Group through Facebook! Visit us in West our South Edmonton.

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Looking Back at Edmonton Oilers Hockey Jerseys

If you are living in the Edmonton area and play hockey or other contact sports, Azarko Dental Group has two convenient locations. We are currently accepting new patients. Our years of experience and fast, friendly service make us a leading dental clinic in South and West Edmonton.Hockey

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A Guide to Oral Surgery: Dos and Don'ts That Promote Healing

There are several reasons why one could need oral surgery in Edmonton. Read this blog from Azarko Dental Group to learn some pre-surgical “dos and don’ts.”

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How Does Stress Affect Teeth Health?

No one likes being stressed. Stress makes every task a little harder and can worsen problems with our job, our relationships, and our finances. Even worse, stress has a significant impact on our health. Our dental health is one area that is greatly impacted by stress.

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West Edmonton Dentist Open on Weekends and Treating Emergency Patients

Azarko Dental is located at Stony Plain Road and 149th Street in West Edmonton. When suffering a tooth pain emergency call (780) 800-7106 or feel free to contact our Edmonton dentists to find out more about the emergency dental services available to you on a moment’s notice, 7 days a week.

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Enamel Erosion, Acid Reflux, and GERD: What You Need to Know

Multiple things can cause enamel erosion, from too much soda to alcoholism and bruxism (tooth grinding). However, if you notice your enamel weakening in conjunction with any of the symptoms of acid reflux, speak to your doctor at Azarko Dental in Edmonton for best oral hygiene practices.

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Playing the Tooth Fairy? Try These Creative Suggestions

Your child’s first lost tooth marks a big moment in both of your lives. For you, that tiny tooth means your baby is officially a big kid. For your child, a missing tooth means a visit from the legendary tooth fairy.

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What is Pregnancy Gingivitis and How Can I Avoid It?

If you’re pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, step up your oral care routine as soon as possible. Make an appointment today with your dentist in Edmonton at Azarko Dental today.

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