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You can trust the experienced dentists at Azarko Dental Group in Edmonton to provide you with complete family dental care. 

Dr. Andreas Azarko, Edmonton General Dentist

Dr. Andreas Azarko

Dr. Azarko enjoys practicing General Dentistry utilizing laser treatments and micro-air abrasion techniques.

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Dr. Enrico Azarko, Edmonton General Dentist

Dr. Enrico Azarko

Dr. Azarko has a diversified interest in General Dentistry performing a wide range of dental procedures.

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Dr. Ursula Szkudlarek, Edmonton General Dentist

Dr. Ursula Szkudlarek

Dr. Szkudlarek is proud to work in a clinic that strives to provide quality care to every patient.

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Dr. Allan Zhang, Edmonton Dentist

Dr. Allan Zhang

Dr. Zhang provides a wide variety of dental services.

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Dr. Brett York, Edmonton Dentist

Dr. Brett York

Dr. York is delighted to offer his services treating regular patients and dental emergencies.

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Dr. Amar Panesar, Edmonton Dentist

Dr. Amar Panesar

Dr. Panesar is an advocate of gentle dental care, and builds lasting relationships with his patients.

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Dr. Bona Zhang, Edmonton Dentist

Dr. Bona Zhang

Dr. Bona Zhang dedicates herself to providing patients with compassionate and quality care.

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