Dr. Enrico Azarko

Edmonton dentist Dr. Enrico Azarko has a diversified interest in General Dentistry, performing a wide range of dental procedures.

Meet Dr. Azarko

Dr. Enrico (Rico) Azarko is a graduate of the University of Alberta, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in 1977 and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1979. Dr. Azarko, at the young age of 23, along with Dr. U. Zuch, co-founded our dental clinic at its present location in 1979.

Dr. Azarko has a diversified interest in General Dentistry performing a wide range of dental procedures including dental surgery, root canal therapy, and cosmetic smile enhancement techniques.

In 1980, Dr. Azarko incorporated a subsidiary side to our dental practice, namely an Emergency Dental Care department. This has required coordination of extra staff and associate dentists, but it allows us to see people with unforeseen dental problems daily. The office is open seven days a week for this purpose.

Outside the dental office, Dr. Azarko is kept busy with his wife and two children. Skiing, canoeing, bicycling, jogging, and hiking are common family activities. Racquetball, golfing and curling are also activities that Dr. Azarko partakes in. Leisure time is for friends and family visits, videos and movies, games, and reading. When time permits, he and his family enjoy traveling and exploring new surroundings.

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