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Edmonton Dental Technology

At our Edmonton dental clinic, we use a variety of dental technologies to help make your dental appointments more efficient and comfortable. 

Efficient Dental Care

We're committed to providing our patients with quality dental care by using current dental technology. 

The technologies at our dental office help make your appointments more convenient and comfortable. 

Dental technology and laser dentistry in Edmonton

Fully Computerized Facilities

Our dental clinic offers all the technology you need for a comfortable, convenient dental appointment.

Our fully computerized facilities provides digital x-rays to minimize radiation and iTero scanning for accurate records of your teeth.

Each dental treatment room is equipped with ergonomic patient chairs, paperless charting and an overhead LED screen for your viewing and comfort.

Dental Lasers

Lasers are commonly used in dentistry for a variety of procedures.

A dental laser emits a single wavelength of light energy directly to the tooth, gum or soft tissue to repair decay, gum disease, or soft tissue disorders precisely and accurately.

How We Use Lasers

At Azarko Dental Group our dentists use lasers for a variety of treatments including:

  • To remove tooth decay and prepare for a filling
  • To reshape gums and remove bacteria in gum disease therapy
  • To help sterilize teeth during a root canal procedure
  • To treat cold sores and canker sores
  • To treat face and jaw pain in TMD Treatment
  • To promote faster healing of surgical sites 
  • To desensitize and anesthetize teeth where possible
  • To reshape or contour gums in cosmetic treatment
  • To activate the peroxide bleaching solution to speed up teeth whitening

Why We Use Lasers

Lasers in dentistry have many benefits. The use of dental lasers involves a precise, detailed procedure that has a lower risk of bacterial infection than many other oral procedures. Laser therapies require less or no anesthesia and seal nerve endings and blood vessels.

Patients will often recover quicker and experience less discomfort when a dental laser is utilized.

Laser dental procedures are an alternative providing you with even more options for your dental care and can be easily performed at our clinic.

  • Not only is our practice dedicated to providing you with a range of dental services, we use current technologies and reduced radiation digital x-rays to provide you with safe, efficient dental care.
    - Azarko Dental Group Team

iTero Digital Scanner

This scanning technology allows your dentist to take a full scan of your mouth in under 5 minutes, eliminating the need for messy molds and impressions. It makes it possible to create highly accurate Invisalign® clear aligners that bring your teeth into the desired alignment following treatment.

VELscope Oral Screening Device

VELscope is a hand-held, wireless oral cancer screening device that uses fluorescence visualization technology. It allows dentists to identify oral abnormalities like cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, which are much more difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Digital X-Rays

Our dentists use digital x-rays to produces a 3D image of the teeth, jaw, nasal cavity, sinuses, and soft tissue in the face. It provides a more complete view of facial structures than a regular x-rays do, and in a clearer and more precise image as well.

Not only that, but it also allows your dentist to view your teeth, oral and nasal cavity, and jaw from many different angles. The angles, zoom distance, and rotation of the image can be easily manipulated to focus on areas that show any signs of concern.

Good for the environment, since no chemicals are used to develop the images, digital x-rays also expose you to less radiation than conventional x-rays.

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