Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

Our Edmonton dentists provide tooth extractions for wisdom teeth, and teeth that are too badly damaged to save.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the dental alveolus in the alveolar bone. Extractions are only performed if less invasive options would be ineffective, or if the tooth is compromising the health of the mouth.

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Tooth Extraction, Azarko Dental Group

Reasons for Pulling Teeth

Common reasons for pulling a tooth include excessive tooth damage and problematic wisdom teeth. Teeth are also sometimes pulled to prepare for other dental procedures. 

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth emerge later in life than the other teeth. In some cases, they don't cause any problems, but sometimes, they grow in the wrong positions or angles, or there simply isn't enough room for them in the mouth. In these cases, having the wisdom teeth extracted can help preserve a healthy mouth.

Extensive Damage

Occasionally, a tooth will be too badly damaged to save. This can happen as a result of dental decay or gum disease, or of an injury to the tooth. In these cases, the tooth must be extracted.

The Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction procedures today are far less painful than ever before, thanks to powerful anesthetics and sedatives.

In many cases, a patient who has tooth pulled experiences little or no discomfort, and only minor bleeding.

Before a tooth is extracted, the area surrounding the tooth is numbed with a topical/and or injectable anesthetic for patient comfort.

Tooth Replacements

Once a tooth has been removed, your dentist will discuss your options for replacements such as dentures and bridges.

Replacing missing teeth will prevent adjacent teeth from shifting and compromising your oral health.

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