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Looking Back at Edmonton Oilers Hockey Jerseys

Hockey has been a part of Canadians’ identities, passions, and pastimes for generations. The Edmonton Oilers have played a big role in making our city famous. Whether you are a die-hard Oilers supporter, general sports lover, or hockey fanatic, there is no denying the impact hockey has had in Edmonton and across the country. Today we want to take a break from our favourite topic – your teeth and dental healthcare - to look back at the jerseys that have made our team iconic throughout the years.

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

Take a walk back through the team’s history by looking back at some of their most influential jerseys. Check out this database for more images of the jerseys and an in-depth history, or to see your other favourite team jerseys.

Original Style

The original jersey was around from 1979-1980 and brought us the classic colours of orange, white and blue that have become synonymous with the Oilers.

edmonoton oilers jersey

Gretzky Branding

The next major change occurred from 1981-94, when the number and neck trim was redesigned. Special considerations were made for Wayne Gretzky, who led the team and the league, becoming the face of the game. Sponsors placed their branding on the left side of the jersey since the superstar liked to tuck the right side of his jersey in his pants.

edmonoton oilers jersey

Changing Colours

From 1996-2008 the team changes their official colours to midnight blue, red and bronze.

edmonoton oilers jersey

Alternate Jerseys

In 2001, the Oilers introduced a silver, blue and white jersey with a new crest. Featuring five rivets for each of the Stanley Cups the team won, the jersey was reserved for special home games.

edmonoton oilers jersey


Returning to the original jerseys from their World Hockey Association days, the Oilers reprised the blue, orange and white jerseys with vintage styling in 2015. The classic orange jersey was reintroduced when young star and first round pick, Connor McDavid, was drafted to the team.

edmonoton oilers jersey

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