Therapeutic Botox Treatment

Our Edmonton dentists use therapeutic Botox to help relax the muscles of the face and jaw.

Botox, Azarko Dental Group

What is Botox?

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is a purified protein that can be used therapeutically in dentistry. When injected into the facial muscles, it releases neurotoxins, helping the muscles relax by preventing them from contracting. 

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Therapeutic Uses of Botox

Our dentists use Botox to provide therapeutic treatment for the following conditions:

Jaw Pain & TMJ

Botox for jaw clenching and teeth grinding can help patients who are unable to tolerate or unwilling to wear a night guard while they sleep.

Botox treatment may also be effective for patients who have recurring jaw or TMJ pain despite wearing a night guard.  

The Botox is injected in the facial muscles related to the clenching or grinding to minimize or weaken them, thus relieving the stress and strain that causes pain in the jaw joint, and helping prevent further damage to the teeth.

Headache Pain

Many people suffer from different types of headaches, including migraines, due to muscle tension, bite problems, or because of clenching or grinding. Botox treatment can also help reduce or eliminate headache pain in some cases.

Daytime Teeth Grinding

Some people struggle with jaw clenching and teeth grinding at night experience it during the day as well. Botox treatment can help reduce this tendency, and prevent patients from damaging their teeth or dental restorations.

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