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Can braces change your face shape?

Wondering about how teeth braces can affect the shape of your face? This answer will vary for children, teens and adults. Our Edmonton dentists explain what you can expect in this post. 

Starting orthodontic treatment or getting braces often happens at a pivotal time in an individual's life. Naturally, you're likely wondering about what you can expect from braces treatment, and how they can change your smile — maybe even whether they'll change the shape of your face. 

Read this post to find the answers you may be looking for, and contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have.

Do teeth braces change the shape of your face? 

Some people wonder if the shape of their face will change with teeth braces, and the short answer is yes — this is true. Your body will react to how braces are shifting your teeth into their corrected positions, therefore, your face shape is also likely to change. 

Braces and clear aligners both apply pressure to the periodontal ligament — the fibrous connective tissue structure connecting your teeth with the bone that surrounds them.

Your Edmonton orthodontist will decide how much pressure needs to be applied, to which teeth and when to achieve your treatment goals. More bands may need to be added, the wires in your braces changed, or other adjustments made to help achieve those goals and correct your orthodontic issues. 

As light, constant pressure is applied to your teeth through the brackets, wire and bands of your braces, your body responds by producing cells that grow and destroy the bones. 

This process will begin to remodel the shape of your bone, and your face. The duration of orthodontic treatment for most people typically lasts between 12 and 18 months. 

Over time, your teeth and periodontal ligament will begin to respond to the pressure being applied. The braces can influence jaw development and even change facial symmetry — one of the many potential treatment outcomes of having orthodontic treatment with braces. 

If your orthodontist identifies a more significant imbalance in your jaw or facial structure, we can work with other specialists to develop a treatment plan and how to achieve certain changes. 

How does age influence whether braces change your face shape?

Braces can affect the shape of your face. That said, exactly how this occurs will depend on your specific circumstances and age. Your orthodontist at Azarko Dental Group can tell you more about how teeth braces will change your facial symmetry and other aspects of your appearance. Here are some general guidelines. 

Children & Teens 

The bodies of growing children and teens are still developing, leaving their teeth, gums and surrounding muscle and jaw bones more malleable to change. Braces can have a significant impact on development at this point. That's why our orthodontists often recommend treatment for teenagers. 


While adults' jaws and bone structure have had more time to develop, that doesn't mean their facial symmetry can't be changed. 

You will need healthy teeth and gums. Your gums and teeth, and the bone surrounding them, grow harder and less malleable as you age. If oral health problems such as gum disease come into play, this can impede your body's ability to generate the bone-growing cells your teeth will need to move. 

This can result in the teeth returning to their original, dysfunctional alignment, making the attempt to remodel bone structure and change your facial shape less effective. That's why it's best to have an orthodontist assess your smile, identify any orthodontic issues and which treatment options can help you achieve your goals. 

Orthodontic Treatment at Azarko Dental Group

If your orthodontist has completed an assessment and identified a condition you'd like to address — whether that's crowded or misaligned teeth, an overbite or underbite — there are likely orthodontic treatment options for you. 

Further, we are always here to answer any questions and concerns you may have about orthodontic conditions, treatment options, your custom treatment plan or potential outcomes. 

Do you have questions about braces? Contact our Edmonton dentists for information about orthodontic treatment and to schedule an appointment.

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