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Loose Teeth: Causes & What to Do

If your teeth feel loose, you might feel alarmed at the prospect of losing your teeth and wonder if your dentist can do anything to stop it. Today, our dentists in Edmonton explain some potential causes of loose teeth and how they can be treated. 

Loose Teeth

Many of us remember losing our teeth in childhood and have fond memories of the tooth fairy visiting to place a coin under our pillow. But once we hit double digits, losing teeth is no longer a normal occurrence. In fact, it is the stuff of nightmares for some of us as our adult teeth are supposed to be permanent and last a lifetime. In this post, we’ll explain some common causes of loose teeth and what can be done to treat them.

What causes your teeth to become loose?

A loose tooth in adults might cause fear and concern. Here are some common causes and treatments for loose teeth and how they can influence our oral health:

Gum Disease

If gingivitis is left untreated, it can progress into periodontitis that can eventually lead to loose teeth and tooth loss. The bones, tissues and gums around and supporting the teeth are impacted. After the gums separate from the teeth, pockets form between the teeth and gums and infection develops.

But if early symptoms of gum disease are detected, your dentist can address them before loose teeth become an issue. In addition, many surgical and non-surgical treatments are available for advanced periodontitis.


This disease leaves you with less bone mass and strength. It weakens bones, putting you at risk for unexpected, sudden bone fractures. This can extend to the teeth, resulting in loose teeth and tooth loss if not treated. Note that some medications for osteoporosis can interfere with dental treatments. Rarely, it can lead to osteonecrosis, which causes loose teeth. If you experience loose teeth, speak to your dentist or primary care physician.


Any blow to the mouth, whether suffered in an accident or while playing sports, can result in the ligaments and tissues that hold your teeth in the sockets being stretched, leading to loose teeth and potentially one or more teeth becoming lost. This would be a dental emergency and you should see your dentist right away.

What deficiency causes loose teeth?

There are three specific vitamin deficiencies that can impact your oral health. If you do not have enough calcium, vitamin D or vitamin B12 in your diet, talk to your doctor about how you can increase your intake of these vitamins to reduce your risk of periodontitis and other conditions.

Treating a Loose Tooth

To answer the question, “Is it normal for teeth to wiggle?”, it may depend on age and other factors. All teeth (both baby teeth and permanent) are a tiny bit wiggly thanks to the periodontal ligament, but any tooth movement beyond 1 mm is abnormal in terms of expected mobility and could point to trauma or disease.

If you’ve been using your favourite search engine to find answers to the question “Why do my front teeth feel loose?” and growing more worried by the minute, take a deep breath. While loose teeth can point to serious dental issues mentioned above, dentists have a few options to address loose teeth, including bridges and dental implants.

Some people wonder how to tighten a loose tooth or if a loose tooth can tighten back up. While this will not happen on its own, booking a dental exam with your dentist and discussing how to address the problem is your best bet to finding a solution that may work for you.

Experiencing loose teeth does not mean losing your teeth is inevitable. If your teeth feel loose or you have noticed any concerning signs, do not wait to seek dental care. A dentist can help assess your circumstances and determine treatment options.

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