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The Dental Bridge Procedure

At Azarko Dental Group, our Edmonton dentists use dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Here's how the procedure works.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge literally "bridges" the gap between healthy teeth (or dental implants), restoring both the function and appearance of the smile as a whole.

How does the dental bridge procedure work?


During the assessment portion of the appointment, your dentist will talk to you about your options for replacing your missing teeth. In addition to a dental bridge, dentures and dental implants may also be considered.

Based on your needs and budget, your dentist will recommend a treatment option for you. If you choose to go with a dental bridge, the treatment process will commence as follows:

Preparation & Temporary Bridge Placement

Dental bridges are attached to the healthy teeth either side of the gap. To prepare these abutment teeth for the placement of the bridge, the dentist must first shape them to fit. Local anesthetic will be used to make sure that you are comfortable during this process.

Once the dentist has completed the shaping process, an impression will be made of the shaped teeth, and sent, along with a sample colour of your teeth, to a dental laboratory. There, technicians will build the bridge based on the impressions. Your new prosthetic will be closely matched to your natural teeth in terms of colour, size and shape.

You may be given a temporary bridge to wear during the time it takes for your real bridge to be constructed.

Permanent Bridge Placement

Once your new, custom-made bridge is complete, it can be placed. Again, a local anaesthetic will be used during this procedure to keep you comfortable.

The dentist will remove the temporary bridge, and carefully clean the teeth around the gap. Then, dental cement can be used to fix the dental bridge to the abutment teeth.

Once this is done, the dentist will show you what the bridge looks like in your mouth, and ask you to try biting down with it a few times. You can expect it to feel a little strange at first, but this feeling will wear off quickly.

After Care

Once your bridge has been placed, you can care for it just as you care for your natural teeth. With regular brushing and flossing, and visits to the dentist for cleanings and checkups, your dental bridge will last for many years.

If you have questions about the bridge procedure, please contact our Edmonton dentists today to learn more.

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