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6 Signs That Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

Young adults don't receive their third and final set of molars, known as wisdom teeth, until they are between 17 and 25 years old. When the wisdom teeth do start erupting, however, there sometimes isn't enough space for them in the mouth and an Edmonton dentist may recommend that the teeth be removed.

Wisdom Teeth

Azarko Dental Group provides wisdom tooth extractions at our Edmonton dental clinic, so we know all about the signs that it's time for your wisdom teeth to come out, including:

1. Pain

The most common sign that your wisdom teeth aren't growing in correctly is pain and discomfort. You may feel pain at the site of eruption or throughout your entire jaw. Even if you aren't sure whether the pain is coming from your wisdom teeth, any kind of tooth or jaw pain calls for a trip to an Edmonton dentist.

2. Sinus problems

The wisdom teeth erupting on your upper jaw can cause sinus problems such as pain, pressure, and congestion if they become impacted. If it seems like you are experiencing more sinus issues than usual, the problem might be your wisdom teeth.

3. Headaches

Sinus problems triggered by wisdom teeth can also lead to the occurrence of sinus pressure headaches. Headaches can likewise develop from the radiating jaw pain often caused by impacted wisdom teeth.

4. Gum inflammation

Sore and tender gums in the back of your mouth another common sign that your wisdom teeth might need to be extracted. Wisdom teeth that aren't able to fully erupt also sometimes create a pocket in the gums which can easily become infected, resulting in a painful condition known as pericoronitis.

5. Bad breath

Their location in the very back of the mouth makes wisdom teeth difficult to properly clean. Plaque bacteria and food particles more easily settle on the wisdom teeth, resulting in bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Pericoronitis can also contribute to bad breath.

6. Facial swelling

When the wisdom teeth become impacted as they try to make their through the gums, they can cause many of the tissues surrounding the area to swell. Facial swelling caused by wisdom teeth can be almost unnoticeable at first but can quickly grow worse and more painful. It may even reach the point where you find it difficult to open your mouth. Make sure you always get any type of facial swelling checked out.

Experiencing the Symptoms Above? Don't Wait to See an Edmonton Dentist

Wisdom teeth that don't have enough space to grow can become impacted and infected. Even if they do grow in, they are more prone to cavities and can cause crowding of your other teeth. Your Edmonton dentist at Azarko Dental Group will let you know if you require wisdom tooth extraction in order to prevent future problems.

If you are experiencing any of the signs described above, or if you have any other concerns about your wisdom teeth, please contact our Edmonton dental clinic today.

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