Sports Mouth Guard in Edmonton

A blow to the mouth during a sports activity can cause serious damage to your smile. Our Edmonton dentists create custom sports mouth guards for athletes of all ages to help minimize the risk of injury. 

What is a Sports Mouth Guard?

A custom sports mouth guard fits over the teeth and is worn during sports activities to protect them from injury. Most often worn for contact sports, they're also a good idea for any sport where there's a chance that your face will come into contact with another person or object.

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Sports mouth guards in Edmonton at Azarko Dental Group
Custom Mouth Guards, Azarko Dental Group

Custom Mouth Guards

If you sustain a blow to the mouth, your mouth guard will act as a cushion, absorbing some of the impact and protecting you from injuries like chipped or broken teeth, and cuts to lips and gums.

A properly fitted custom-made mouth guard provides the best protection. Our Edmonton dentists will create a custom mouth guard to fit you using a digital scan of your mouth. This will ensure a secure, comfortable fit.

With proper care and storage, your custom mouth guard will protect you for many years to come.

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