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Dental Bonding in Edmonton

At our Edmonton dental clinic, we use dental bonding to repair minor chips and discolourations in tooth enamel, and help restore your smile.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment in which a tooth-coloured composite resin is applied to a tooth, sculpted into shape, hardened and then polished. The finished tooth looks natural and smooth.

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Dental Bonding in Edmonton, Azarko Dental Group

The Bonding Process

Your dentist will apply the composite resin to your tooth in layers, using a light to harden each layer before applying the next.

After the final layer is applied and hardened, your dentist will shape and polish it to form your tooth. 

Over time, the bonding may wear down and your dentist may touch it up with more composite resin.

Benefits of Bonding

Dental bonding is usually used to repair minor aesthetic issues, such as discolouration and chips in the teeth.

It can also be used to reduce gaps between teeth or to alter tooth shape and colour.

Your dentist will be sure to choose the composite resin that best matches the colour of your natural teeth so that it blends in.

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