Invisalign and Dr Azarko

Dr. Andreas Azarko
Invisalign Clear Braces & Orthodontics


Dr. Andreas Azarko began offering clear orthodontic Invisalign treatment as a General Dentist in 2007. The Invisalign clear braces is a product offered by Dr. Azarko as an alternative to fixed braces, where clear orthodontics is a potential option. He now performs Invisalign treatment for his patients and is pleased to be able to offer the benefits of clear, hygienic and comfortable aligners for suitable orthodontic movements. Following a detailed consultation, Dr. Azarko personally customizes your treatment plan with the Invisalign software, utilizing the iTero digital scan records system for accuracy. Thereafter, should difficult tooth movement require auxiliary treatment techniques, we provide many additional modalities to idealize your alignment. While clear orthodontics is always our primary objective, this fusion of multiple treatments is available as necessary, and is a potential alternative for complex cases. Should your treatment needs be complex beyond what can be provided by a General Dentist, Dr. Azarko will arrange for a referral to a specialist.

Your Invisalign Treatment:
It's easy! Here are the details:
Initial visit: Call us for a consultation. At your initial examination, we will provide you with details of your projected treatment and a cost estimate.
Records: After it has been determined that your treatment can be appropriately performed with Invisalign, we will need to take orthodontic records. Orthodontic records typically involve a set of photographs, x-rays, and a computerized scan of your teeth. This technology provides the most accurate representation of your teeth and eliminates the need for messy impressions or molds. We then submit your computer scan to Invisalign for conversion into a digital model of your teeth.
Invisalign software programming: Once Invisalign receives a copy of your records and impressions from our office, they create a three dimensional computerized model of your teeth from the impressions. Your Invisalign treatment is coordinated with Dr. Azarko based on that three dimensional computerized model. Dr. Azarko then spends 1-2 weeks refining and customizing your treatment goals, modifying the computer model to provide predictable treatment outcomes. This personalized customization is by far the most important factor in providing a predictable and aesthetic final result. Once Dr. Azarko confirms the treatment modality to be acceptable, Invisalign fabricates your "aligners" and ships them to our office. The "aligners" are the sequential clear retainers that you wear to move your teeth (instead of braces).
Start of treatment: Once we receive your "aligners" from Invisalign, you will come in for an appointment to start your treatment. This is usually no more than 4 weeks following your records. We will give you your aligners in sets of three at a time. Each aligner will be worn for about two weeks, each in sequence until your next appointment every 6 weeks. We do our best to work with your schedule to make it easy for you to have appointments. The number of aligners depends upon the treatment goals and how much movement is necessary.
Finishing touches: After you have worn all of your "aligners", we may take another set of digital records, resubmit to Invisalign, and coordinate for a "revision" or fine tuning of your treatment results where you will receive a few more "aligners". There is no additional cost for this refinement, if necessary.
Hold the results: After your Invisalign treatment, we will help you preserve your treatment results with a first set of retainers and follow up with you to make sure that your smile is lasting. This is included in your initial complete Invisalign treatment fee.
Why come to our office for Invisalign?
We provide Invisalign product systems: Practicing General Dentist orthodontics, Dr. Azarko provides Invisalign treatment for his patients while referring general dental care to our team of Azarko Dental doctors. Dr. Azarko is dedicated to the knowledge base of how to use Invisalign in an efficient and appropriate manner. It is always important to ask your doctor how many Invisalign cases he or she has treated successfully.

Realistic treatment goals and appropriate treatment options: The fact is that sometimes treatment goals cannot be achieved with Invisalign alone. We strive to present treatment options that are appropriate with Invisalign. Some treatments are more effectively addressed with other types of orthodontic options such as braces. At our office, we do more than just Invisalign, so we can offer options besides Invisalign. In other words, we will talk to you about realistic treatment expectations from Invisalign versus other treatments, many of which we can provide. Invisalign is a wonderful method by which to have orthodontic treatment, but it is very important that we make sure that it is appropriate for you. Should your treatment needs be complex beyond what can be provided by a general dentist, Dr. Azarko will arrange for a referral to a specialist.

Backup plans: What if Invisalign is your treatment of choice, is deemed appropriate, treatment is started, but then treatment does not seem to be finishing as nicely as expected? In certain instances, the possibility that Invisalign treatment may have some limitations is discussed before treatment is started. At our office, if treatment goals are not able to be completed with Invisalign alone, we offer other options such as finishing with regular retainers or with braces for a short period of time. Combining Invisalign clear orthodontics with fixed braces on difficult cases where appropriate, Dr. Azarko offers the benefits of both modalities.