Edmonton General Dentistry

At Azarko Complete Family Dental Care, we provide many general dentistry options to help maintain and improve your smile while making your experience as comfortable as possible. We do this by utilizing spacious treatment areas and digital technology in a patient friendly environment to offer services such as:

Emergency Dental Care
Hygiene & Sheer White®
Root Canals
Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Laser Dental Care
Digital X-Rays
IV Sedation Services
Gum Disease
Brushing & Flossing
Early Childhood Care
We want you and your family to prevent cavities, and maintain your teeth and gums. That is why, as your general dentist, we will promote such activities as brushing and flossing your teeth, so that you can stop cavities before they start. That is why we offer printable brushing and flossing instructions-to train even the littlest of our patients the proper way to fight cavities and gum disease.

Sometimes preventative brushing and flossing isn't enough. If you are suffering from chronic tooth pain, a broken or chipped tooth, or any type of dental emergency, Azarko Complete Family Dental Care's Emergency Dental Care Department in Edmonton is here for you-seven days a week.

If you need a tooth filling, root canal or a dental extraction in Edmonton, we can help you as well. If you have a cavity, we may be able to fight it with a filling. Fillings are made from durable materials and are designed to stop tooth decay, if possible. If the cavity is bad, and your tooth has a diseased nerve, we may be able to use a root canal to save the tooth by removing the nerve. Thereafter, with a filling or a crown, your tooth will still function normally and naturally. Sometimes a root canal is not enough, however, and that is when dental extractions are helpful. Dental extractions are also necessary when baby teeth are not falling out as they should, or it could be that you need your wisdom teeth extracted. Whatever the reason, the Edmonton dentists at Azarko Complete Family Dental Care can help determine the best treatment for you.

At Azarko Complete Family Dental Care, we also offer laser dental care and digital x-rays. These dental procedures both use current technology to improve your smile, and your visit to the dentist. We can use laser dental care to seal fillings, discover and diagnose cavities, and to enhance your gum care using gum lifts or gum reshaping. We understand that getting your teeth X-rayed is rarely the most enjoyable experience. That is why we have invested in digital X-rays, which allow us to get an accurate and clear picture of your teeth while minimizing radiation for your safety.

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