Zoom Whitening FAQ: The Finishing Touch for Your Teeth

 Azarko Marketing  Friday, March 07, 2014

To make the best impression, you want a smile that’s bright and white. After repairing damage with a filling or revealing a straighter smile from Invisalign, Edmonton residents can now complete their new smile with Zoom! whitening. This in-house procedure, with results after just one hour, is made even easier with the help of the team at Edmonton’s Azarko Dental.

Learn more about how this treatment works and whether it’s the right choice for you.

My Invisalign experience was great—What is Zoom! like?

Your dentist will apply whitening gel to your teeth. The gel’s active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, also found in at-home whitening products. The Zoom! light source increases the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide, so the peroxide breaks down, enters your enamel and dentin, and bleaches the discoloured part of each tooth.

How long does it take?

The Zoom! whitening process takes approximately an hour, with three 15-minute applications. Depending on the results you want, you may need to come in for more than one treatment.

What side effects should I be prepared for?

Your teeth may be sensitive during or after the procedure, but the effect is only temporary. Anti-sensitivity toothpaste before and after the treatment can reduce discomfort. At Azarko Dental, we take great care to make your experience as painless as possible. We follow all recommendations from the manufacturer and apply isolation material to protect your lips and gums.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

Zoom! whitens teeth up to eight shades! Discuss with your Edmonton dentist how to get great results from this process.

How long do the effects last?

With the right care, your teeth should remain whiter than they have been in the past. Brush and floss every day, and don’t ignore regular professional cleanings. Sugary drinks, coffee, tea, and red wine can all stain your teeth, so if you want to prolong your sparkling smile, cut down on those products. If you notice discoloration over time, Zoom! offers professional kits to touch up your teeth at home.

Are there any restrictions? Zoom! whitening is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or children under 13 years of age.

Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to call us. In addition to Zoom! whitening, the staff at Azarko Dental can help enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures, braces, and Invisalign services. Edmonton residents—contact us today and leave your smile in capable hands.