What to Do Before and After Having a Tooth Pulled

 Azarko Marketing  Wednesday, August 02, 2017

There are many different reasons why an Edmonton dentist at Azarko Dental Group may recommend a tooth extraction. Oftentimes it is because a tooth has become so infected that it is causing severe pain and has the potential to create health issues. Other times, a tooth extraction may be needed for orthodontic reasons.

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Whatever the reason, it is important to prepare for a tooth extraction ahead of time and to know what you can do afterwards in order to minimize any discomfort.

Preparing for a Tooth Removal

There isn't much needed of you in preparation for a tooth removal. Your Edmonton dentist will use a local anaesthetic to keep you from feeling any pain and discomfort during the procedure. There's nothing you need to do before your appointment in order to minimize pain while your tooth is being extracted; it will all be taken care of for you.

What you can do to help your dentist is to provide them with a dental and medical history, including a list of any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are taking. If you have a condition which puts you at a higher risk of infection, then your dentist will prescribe antibiotics to take before your appointment. Make sure, as well, that you tell your dentist if you have allergies to any medications.

Minimizing Discomfort After a Tooth Removal

You may experience some mild pain and discomfort after a tooth extraction. Your Edmonton dental clinic will either prescribe or simply recommend a good painkiller for managing the pain. Using a cold compress or ice pack can also help to reduce pain and bring down swelling.

For the first few days after your tooth extraction you'll want to stick to eating cool and soft foods so as not to cause pain and sensitivity. Avoid any foods that are too hard or too sticky, and try to chew on the opposite side of the extraction site so that no food particles get lodged inside.

Be careful not to brush too close to the extraction site in the first 24 hours after having your tooth pulled. In order to keep the area clean, you can rinse with warm salt water before bed and after each meal. The extraction site will heal quickly and should be fully closed up after about two weeks.

Have More Questions? Ask an Edmonton Dentist Today

At Azarko Dental Group we understand that the prospect of a tooth removal can make some people nervous. Our Edmonton dentists are here to answer all of your questions and to put your mind at ease. We'll explain the procedure so that you know what to expect, and we'll give you advice on caring for your mouth afterwards.

If you have any more questions about tooth extractions, or if you are experiencing tooth pain, just get in touch with our Edmonton Dental Clinic today.

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