What is Laser Dental Care?

 Azarko Marketing  Thursday, December 15, 2016

Utilized at Azarko Dental Group Edmonton dental clinic, laser dental care can be an effective alternative to traditional dental care methods. While many people have not heard of it, laser dentistry has actually now been around for about two decades.

At Azarko Dental Group, we recognized over 15 years ago that offering laser dental care in Edmonton could help improve the quality of dental care we provide for our patients. Our Edmonton dentists are skilled in providing laser treatment for a variety of different purposes.

Laser Dental Care

Many dentists and many patients prefer laser dentistry because of its precision and effectiveness. Laser treatment is most often used at Edmonton dental clinics in order to enhance overall gum care, to better seal fillings, and to accurately diagnose cavities. Gum lifts, gum reductions, gum pocket treatments, and gum reshaping can all also be easily accomplished with laser dentistry.

A laser, because it is such a high-energy beam, kills bacteria on contact. This essentially allows lasers to sterilize any tissue which they come into contact with, making them extremely effective at removing bacteria to help alleviate gum disease and removing bacteria from the surrounding area during a root canal.

During root canal procedures, an Edmonton dentist can also use laser dentistry to reshape the gums and to remove the infected pulp from the root of a tooth without using a drill. In fact, lasers can be used to replace drills during all sorts of different dental procedures which would otherwise require one.

Replacing drills with lasers will often make for a more comfortable treatment with little discomfort afterwards. Anesthesia may sometimes not even be required. Procedures utilizing a laser will often have faster recovery times, as they will typically result in less gum inflammation and bleeding.

The possible applications of lasers in dentistry extend to such varied uses as performing a muscle attachment procedure known as a frenectomy, to reducing the pain caused by canker and cold sores. Lasers can even be used to safely remove a piece of tissue so that it can be biopsied.

Laser dental care, because it is safe and comfortable, can be highly beneficial for patients who often experience dental anxiety. Patients who put off dental procedures out of fear of certain pieces of dental equipment are more likely to agree to dental work done by lasers. Furthermore, because lasers are sterile, they greatly reduce the risk of bacterial infection following a dental procedure.

Your Edmonton dentist at an Azarko Dental Group clinic will be happy to talk to you about whether laser dentistry could be beneficial for any of your needed dental treatments. Together, you can go through your options and your professional recommendations.

If laser dental care sounds like a good choice for you, or if you're interested in learning more about its many uses and benefits, simply get in touch with Azarko Dental Group dental clinic in Edmonton:

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