Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Dental Check-Ups for You Child

 Azarko Marketing  Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just as they are for adults, dental check-ups and cleanings are very important for keeping your child's teeth clean, healthy, and cavity-free. Many children, however, are not too fond of visiting the dentist. Some find it boring while others find it scary, and either reaction can make taking your child to the dentist a stressful experience.

Below you will find several strategies that have worked for many parents who bring their children in to the Edmonton dental clinic of the Azarko Dental Group:

- Reading children's books about teeth and the dentist

Pay a visit to your local bookstore and you're sure to find a book about oral health and visiting the dentist. Reading it to your child can help them not only get used to the idea of going, but to become excited about it as well.

- Playing pretend dentist with your child

Make-believe is a great way of introducing a child to something they may be apprehensive about. You can take turns playing dentist and patient by looking around in each other's mouths. You should, however, refrain from using a pretend drill and making scary drilling noises!

- Talking to them about the importance of oral hygiene

Kids can be surprisingly receptive to frank discussions about why we need to do things such as visiting the dentist. If your child is old enough to understand, you can tell them why it is important to have healthy teeth and gums and how the dentist can help keep them that way.

- Letting them pick out their own tooth brush

A great way to get a child excited about their oral and dental health is to let them pick their own tooth brush. There are many toothbrushes available nowadays that are made to appeal to children, from toothbrushes that play music to toothbrushes featuring their favorite animated characters.

- Watching how you talk about the dentist

Sometimes a child's stress about visiting the dentist comes directly from hearing their parents talk about the dentist in a negative way. If you often dread your own dental appointments and vocalize your feelings around your child, then it's time to fix your own attitude about your oral health as well!

- Introducing your child to their dentist ahead of time

It can be immensely beneficial for a child who is apprehensive about seeing a new dentist for the first time to visit an Edmonton dental clinic and meet with their dentist before their actual appointment. Getting to see the location and meet with the staff can help them feel more at ease when they come in for a cleaning.

The Edmonton dentists at the Azarko Dental Group are committed to doing everything we can to make every visit for all of our patients as stress free as possible. Give the Azarko Dental Group a call to schedule an appointment for your child and let us know if you'd like to bring them in for a visit ahead of time.