Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign®

 Azarko Marketing  Tuesday, April 05, 2016

If you feel self-conscious, insecure, or uncomfortable with your smile, there are options to give you the straight teeth you have always wanted. Nowadays, they don’t have to involve the bulky wires and brackets of your grade school days. Invisalign® offers a mature, subtle, and personal option for achieving straighter teeth. It is a treatment option that may offer patients confidence

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Braces

Not sure why you should choose Invisalign? There are many different benefits to choosing the Invisalign system as your treatment for realigning teeth. These are the top three:

  1. Appearance – The clear aligners that make Invisalign work are practically invisible, meaning you won’t have to field endless comments or questions about your decision to straighten your teeth. You can feel confident knowing that you are getting a beautiful smile without changing your look in the process.
  2. Comfort – The aligners are comfortable and are made of smooth plastic. They are customized to fit your teeth. They’ll allow you to avoid the cankers or sores caused by brackets or loose wires. You also won’t have to worry about eating certain foods or avoiding your favourite crunchy snacks, since you can remove the aligners to eat and easily clean your teeth.
  3. Customized Care – Don’t change your lifestyle to change the appearance of your teeth. Invisalign fits seamlessly with your routine. As your teeth change their position and get straighter over time, you will change your aligners to keep them progressing to the next position. Generally, you will change your aligners every few weeks, but treatment progression can be customized for your unique needs and teeth.

Get Invisalign from a Dentist in Edmonton

The team at Azarko Dental Group can help you understand more about how Invisalign treatments work and why it could be the right treatment option for you. We have years of experience with Invisalign and are dedicated to helping you get the happy and healthy smile you deserve.

Azarko Dental Group’s Edmonton dental clinic are accepting new patients and would love to get you started with Invisalign braces. Schedule your appointment using our convenient online booking program or call our clinic today.