Straight Teeth and Smoother Skin: Get Your Botox Treatment at Your Dentist Office

 Azarko Marketing  Thursday, February 18, 2016

People go to the dentist for different reasons. From tooth pain to routine checkups or teeth whitening, people may go to find relief or simply to feel better about their overall appearance. If you are eager to start feeling more confident about your smile, consider getting a course of Botox treatment the next time you schedule a visit to your dentist in Edmonton. You will leave your appointment having rejuvenated your entire look.

Botox at the Dentist: Why It’s a Perfect Fit

You may be wondering what the connection is between oral healthcare and wrinkle treatment. It may seem odd at first, but give it a little thought and you’ll see why the dentist’s office is a great place to receive Botox. Here are a few reasons dentists are starting to offer this quick and easy service to patients: 

  • They Are Trained Professionals – With years of medical training and experience measuring a range of injections, it’s not surprising that dentists have a steady hand and can pinpoint the degree and location of anti-wrinkle injectables.
  • They Already Help You Look Your Best – Your dentist provides aesthetic treatment from teeth whitening to braces that align your teeth to look their best. Giving patients a boost of confidence to smile is one of the most rewarding parts of dentistry. Helping patients face the world with a more youthful appearance is a natural progression.
  • Dentists Know Facial Structure – Just because they specialize in your teeth doesn’t mean they don’t pay attention to the rest of your face. Since dentists spend so much time studying the human jaw, they are well-acquainted with how the facial muscles move and which areas are susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. This knowledge helps them provide a natural, youthful look with Botox injections, rather than the frozen appearance that someone without the right training and experience may create when they administer treatment.
  • Familiar Staff – After building a relationship with your dentist over years of treatment, you will feel comfortable describing your desired results and having them give you Botox treatments. Feeling at ease during your treatment will help you get the best results and relax when having the procedure completed.
  • Ideal Facilities – You can get treatment with discretion and save time since you can combine your appointments. While there are minimal symptoms, you may experience slight inflammation or bruising at injection sites. Your dentist office is perfectly located in West or South Edmonton, so you can head home or back to work quickly after treatment. Plus, you can count on the dental clinic to be clean and comfortable.
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