Senior Oral Health Tips for Caregivers

 Azarko Marketing  Wednesday, August 24, 2016

If you are a caregiver to a senior, then your daily activities likely include helping them look after their oral health. Depending on the physical and cognitive abilities of the person you are caring for, you may be required to do a good deal of their daily oral care for them.

Here are some useful tips for caregivers from the experienced Edmonton dentists of the Azarko Dental Group about helping a senior take care of their oral health:

- Have the person sit in front of a sink

It can be difficult for the person and for you to have them stand and lean over a sink while you help them brush and floss. Have them sit in front of the sink instead.

- Position yourself behind the person for brushing and flossing 

It will seem tricky to do at first, but standing behind the person while you brush and floss their teeth is the most comfortable body positioning for both of you. You'll quickly get the hang of how to properly move your arms in this position. 

- Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

Soft-bristled toothbrushes are recommended for everyone, and especially for seniors who have someone else brush their teeth for them. It can be difficult to judge how much force to use when brushing someone else's teeth, so brush gently and take your time when going around the top, front, and back of each tooth.

- Be patient when flossing

Flossing is important for good oral health, so be patient and take your time when flossing the person's teeth as well. Take a length of floss about 18 inches long, wrap the ends around your middle fingers, and use your index finger and thumb to grip the floss. Gently work the floss between the teeth, curve it, and slide it up and down to the gum line a few times.

- Make sure their dentures are properly cleaned

If the person you are caring for wears dentures, then make sure they are cleaned daily and left to soak overnight in denture cleaner. Look out for any signs of wear or damage to the dentures, and contact an Edmonton dentist if you notice any.

- Schedule regular appointments with an Edmonton dentist

On top of visiting a dentist for denture problems, you need to ensure that the person you are caring for visits an Edmonton dental clinic on a regular basis.

At the Azarko Dental Group we provide complete family dental care for people at all stages of life. We are proud to help caregivers look after the oral health of seniors by offering them quality advice and by making sure our offices are accessible and comfortable. 

If you are caring for someone who needs your help accessing regular dental care from an Edmonton Dentist, then we welcome you to schedule an appointment at the Azarko Dental Group clinic. 

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