Senior Dental Care: Maintaining and Improving Your Oral Health

 Azarko Marketing  Monday, November 09, 2015

Professional dental care is important all throughout life, from the toddler to the senior years. Canadians are fortunate to have access to the dental care required to keep teeth and gums healthy and looking good no matter how old you are. However, your oral health needs do change over time, and so it is important that you learn to care for your teeth, your dentures, and your implants as you get older.

Caring for Your Teeth

As at any stage of life, you should brush your teeth at least two times a day. It is best to use a soft brush and to use gentle circles, as scrubbing too hard can actually damage the teeth. Brushing your tongue is also important, as this helps to remove harmful bacteria.

Flossing, which should be done at least once a day, is just as important as brushing. In order to floss each tooth thoroughly you should be moving the floss along both sides of the tooth at least two or three times.

Caring for Dentures and Implants

Dentures need to be cleaned every day in order to prevent the buildup of plaque, as do your gums. You should remove your dentures every night and leave them to soak in a denture cleaning solution.

Implants can be treated much the same as real teeth and should be brushed and flossed. You should, however, be extra careful and gentle when cleaning implants, as they are not as strong as natural teeth. Don't brush as hard and pay attention when you are flossing near the gum line.

Quality Dental Care for Edmonton Seniors

"You are never too old to have healthy teeth and gums," says the Canadian Dental Association. "And you are never old enough to stop seeing your dentist!" The Alberta Dental Association adds that, "it is important to visit your dentist regularly, even if you no longer have your natural teeth."

If you are looking for a quality dental clinic in Edmonton, then get in touch with the Azarko Dental Group today. As well as providing general dentistry services, we also offer senior dental services such as implants and dentures. Booking an appointment is quick and easy, so don't wait any longer to speak to a dental professional about your dental needs.