Key Reasons to Get a Custom Mouth Guard

 Azarko Marketing  Monday, January 18, 2016


When playing sports, it is important to wear the proper equipment to reduce the chances of injury. Mouth protection is an important part of this equipment, especially when playing high contact sports. Hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse, squash, ringette, wrestling or boxing are all examples of sports where a mouth guard should be worn. If you or your child are playing any of these sports, or participating in another activity where your teeth may be at risk for impact, it is important to wear a mouth guard that fits properly and offers the best protection.

What Types of Mouth Guards Are There?

There are different options for tooth protection:


  • Stock or Ready-made – These are the most affordable but least effective option on the market, as they provide minimal protection. They are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product that covers the teeth. Often, they provide a bulky or loose fit in the mouth, leading to high awareness and discomfort for the wearer and compromising the protection offered. As an exception, the Shock Doctor range of products are recommended for individuals with braces, as the unique silicone guard will adjust to teeth as they shift.
  • Mouth-formed – Among the most popular type of mouth guard, many of these ‘boil and bite’ models offer a spongy internal layer that molds to the teeth of the wearer. If the molding process is done incorrectly, the internal layer may become thin and compromise the protection offered. The limited size options available mean that the outer layer may be bulky and uncomfortable or inadequately cover the athlete’s teeth and jaws.
  • Custom – Custom mouth guards are the most comfortable and effective for protection. They are specially fitted for the individual and also customized for the sport being played. Custom appliances provide maximum comfort. While they are the most expensive option, they are a good investment for your safety and dental health.

Get a Custom Mouth Guard from a Dentist in Edmonton

Invest in your own or your child’s safety this sports season by getting a custom mouth guard made. The process is quick, requiring only 1-2 weeks for a fitted appliance to properly protect the teeth and jaws.


Azarko Dental Group’s Edmonton dental clinic can provide custom mouth guards and we are accepting new patients. Schedule your appointment using our convenient online booking program or call our clinic.



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