Is Mouthwash Safe for My Child?

 Azarko Marketing  Thursday, August 18, 2016

One of the most common questions that parents have for their children's dentist in Edmonton is whether or not mouthwash is safe for their child. The good news is that yes, indeed, mouthwash can be a safe and effective tool for helping your child maintain good oral health. 

If you are thinking of introducing your child to mouthwash, then make sure you use a mouthwash designed specifically for children. Adult mouthwashes contain alcohol, while children's mouthwashes contain different cleaning agents that are much safer if accidentally swallowed.

At the Azarko Dental Group, our Edmonton dentists have seen that, when used correctly, mouthwash can have many benefits for a child's dental health.

The Benefits of Mouthwash for Children

The main benefit of mouthwash is that it can complement and contribute to the bacteria-fighting effects of brushing and flossing. It can help keep cavities at bay and, if it contains fluoride, aid in the production of strong tooth enamel.

Teaching your child to start using mouthwash and practice other positive dental hygiene habits early on can have lifelong dental health benefits. They'll more than likely experience fewer cavities, be able to take confidence in a healthy, white smile, and experience less tooth loss when they get older.

Mouthwash is particularly beneficial for children who wear braces, as it can help dislodge food particles that your child may have a difficult time removing with brushing and flossing. Finally, mouthwash can be a great confidence-booster for kids who are worried about bad breath.

When a Child is Ready to Start Using Mouthwash

Before six years of age, most children are likely to swallow more mouthwash than they spit out, so it's best to wait until your child is at least six and able to swish the liquid around in their mouth. Even then, you should be there to supervise your child not only to make sure they are using the mouthwash correctly, but that they are brushing and flossing effectively as well.

Most parents find that they don't have too much trouble convincing their children to use mouthwash. It's much less tedious than brushing and flossing, and children's mouthwashes often come in attractive bottles and appealing flavours. Take your child along to pick out their own bottle, and they'll be much more excited to use it. 

If you think that your child is ready to start using mouthwash, then it is best to go over the idea with a dentist at an Edmonton dental clinic. While most children can benefit from it, some children should avoid fluoridated mouthwashes while others may need a specially medicated mouthwash.

You can find a children's dentist in Edmonton to help you decide on the right choice for your child at one of the dental clinics of the Azarko Dental Group. Our Edmonton dental clinic is conveniently located, so don't hesitate to book an appointment with us.

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