Invisalign® could Make You Smile More!

 Azarko Marketing  Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If you have always wanted straight teeth or have felt insecure about your smile, it may be time to invest in cosmetic dental care in Edmonton. Braces are the tried and true method to getting straight teeth, but many people worry that after a certain age, having visible braces may impact their professional or social life. If you want the results of braces without the adolescent look, consider Invisalign for an enhanced smile.

Why Invisalign May be Right for You

  • Aesthetics – You will enjoy the beautiful results of Invisalign and won’t have to worry about getting food caught in your braces. The system works with nearly invisible liners that are hardly noticeable. That means you can continue your daily routine confident that your smile is getting straighter without looking noticeably different in the process.
  • Flexibility – The liners are not only invisible, but removable and flexible. You can continue to enjoy your favourite foods without the risk of damaging brackets or wires. The removable liners also make brushing and flossing a lot easier, so there is less chance of food getting stuck in your teeth.
  • Save Time – You will see results gradually as the liners shift your teeth into your perfect smile. You change the aligner yourself every two weeks or so. There is no need to spend time scheduling, visiting, and waiting for an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist for each and every adjustment. Your dentist can provide personalized care and monitor your progress, but you will spend a lot less time in the chair for treatment than you would with traditional braces. You will typically get a checkup every 6 weeks.

See How Invisalign Works

Seeing is believing. Check out the video below to see how Invisalign works to give you the smile of your dreams:

Get Invisalign from a Dentist in Edmonton

If you are in the Edmonton area and longing for a more confident smile, Azarko Dental Group can help. We are currently accepting new patients and have years of experience providing Invisalign braces.


Our Edmonton dental clinic can help you get straighter, healthier teeth. Schedule your appointment to learn more about Invisalign and other options. Use our convenient online booking program or call us today.


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