How Teens Can Practice Good Oral Hygiene Before, During, and After Braces

 Azarko Marketing  Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Many teenagers require and greatly benefit from orthodontic treatment. Braces from an Edmonton dentist such as Azarko Dental Group can be used successfully to enhance smile appearance and oral health at the same time.

However, while immensely helpful, braces can't singlehandedly improve your oral health. The biggest benefits from wearing braces will come to those teens who practice good oral hygiene before getting braces, while wearing braces, and after the braces have been removed.

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Oral Hygiene Before Getting Braces

Practicing good oral hygiene every day is important for preventing cavities and gum disease. You should be brushing at least two times a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, and flossing at least once during a 24 hour period.

Good oral hygiene also consists of regularly visiting your Edmonton dental clinic for cleanings and examinations. Only by keeping up with your dental appointments will you know if you require braces to correct crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth.

Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Your Edmonton dentist will instruct you to increase your brushing habits when you get braces. Not only will you have to brush when you wake up and before bed, but ideally also after every meal. This is because braces will make it easier for your teeth to harbour bacteria and food particles.

Making sure you floss while wearing braces is equally as important as brushing, but it can be a lot trickier to do. Your best bet for successful flossing while wearing braces is to use a floss threader, which can help the floss get between every tooth.

Finally, while wearing braces your Edmonton dentist will instruct you to avoid hard and sticky foods that could be difficult to remove from the brackets and wires. This includes foods such as nuts, popcorn, hard and chewy candies, and certain fruits and vegetables that haven't been cut into small pieces.

Oral Hygiene After Wearing Braces

After your orthodontic treatment is complete, you can go back to the same recommended oral hygiene habits as before wearing braces. You'll no longer have a need for a floss threader, but make sure you continue to floss regularly. You can also begin partaking in all of the foods you couldn't while wearing braces, but try to ease into it as you may have mildly sensitive gums for the first little while.

See Your Edmonton Dentist to Ensure Lifelong Oral Health

After wearing braces it is also important to continue visiting your Edmonton dental clinic to maintain good oral health into your adult years. Azarko Dental Group offers orthodontic treatment in Edmonton, and we make sure that all of our teenage patients know how to take good care of their teeth at every stage of treatment.

If you're considering braces or if you're overdue for a teeth cleaning, just make an appointment at our clinic:

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