Getting a Root Canal With Braces

 Azarko Marketing  Friday, December 11, 2015

While wearing conventional braces, your teeth will shift and the roots of your teeth may become damaged. If that damage is severe or the tooth becomes infected, you may need a root canal to correct the issue. Also, some patients may notice their teeth are sensitive or they develop infection after the braces come off. Regardless of which situation applies to you, the good news is that a dentist in Edmonton can correct it.

What Happens When You Are Still Wearing Braces?

If you are still wearing braces, there is no need to worry. You can still have a root canal procedure done while wearing them. The orthodontist will first remove the braces that are in the way and after the procedure is complete, you may have to wait a few days or weeks before braces can be put back into place in that area.

Your dentist will still be able to work on your teeth even if you wear braces, because the bracket is placed on the surface of your teeth, which means other surfaces are clear.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

You will know something is wrong, but you may not realize the pain and discomfort you are experiencing will require a root canal. If you notice any of the following symptoms, see your orthodontist or dental professional right away:
  • Serious pain when eating or anytime you put pressure on the tooth
  • Pain and sensitivity to cold or hot items that will linger long after the food is no more in your mouth
  • Small, pimple-looking bumps on the gums near the tooth that hurts
  • Darkening of the tooth causing pain
  • Tenderness in the gums surrounding that tooth

A root canal is what helps treat an infection of the tooth pulp, which can be the result of trauma, decay or a result of wearing braces. If you have excessive pain, visit a dentist at Azarko Dental Group for assessment. Even with braces, your dentist can help treat the source of your pain and correct any infection present.

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