Dental Care for Your Baby in Edmonton

 Azarko Marketing  Thursday, June 09, 2016

Proper infant dental care is not something that new parents should overlook. Healthy baby teeth are crucial for helping your child speak clearly and eat correctly, and for encouraging the healthy growth of adult teeth later on.

Here is some important information from the Edmonton dentists of the Azarko Dental Group about ensuring that your new baby is on their way to a healthy smile.

Cleaning Your Infant's Gums

Don't wait to start caring for your child's oral health until they receive their first teeth. It is a good idea to gently clean their gums after every feeding with a soft, warm, and wet washcloth or piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. This will help to remove any sugars that bacteria could potentially feed on.

Your baby may not like the process at first and you'll likely have to put up with some fussiness, but they will grow accustomed to it over time. It will also make it easier to introduce other teeth cleaning methods as they get older.

Dental Health and Bottle Use

If your baby finds the bottle to be soothing, then you may be tempted to let a bottle of milk, formula, or juice accompany them to bed and help them fall asleep. The problem with this is that the sugars and acids present in any of those drinks can lead to early childhood tooth decay.

Remove the bottle as soon as your baby is done feeding, and consider giving them a bottle filled with water if they are only using it for comfort.

Dealing with Teething

Teeth can begin emerging anywhere between 3 and 9 months of age, and the process can make your baby feel uncomfortable and irritated. Thankfully, there are many ways to sooth the discomfort. You can try using a clean finger to gently rub your baby's gums, or offering them a teething toy, teething ring, or clean, wet cloth to chew on.

Avoid offering your baby teething biscuits or cookies, as these can leave behind food particles and promote tooth decay in their new teeth.

When to Start Visiting an Edmonton Dental Clinic

It is recommended that you begin taking your baby to an Edmonton dental clinic by their first birthday, as by this time they will have typically had their first teeth for about 6 months or so. Just like adult teeth, baby teeth need proper care, attention, and cleaning if you want to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

The Edmonton dentists at the Azarko Dental Group are experienced and knowledgeable about infant dental care. Our friendly staff will ensure that your first visit goes smoothly, and that your baby's dental health is regularly looked after with every continuing visit.

If it's time for your baby to visit the dentist and get started with regular teeth cleanings, examinations, and effective cavity prevention methods, then you can request an appointment with the Azarko Dental Group at our West Edmonton location.