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 Azarko Marketing  Thursday, March 20, 2014
Brush Your Teeth! 6 Things Parents Can Do To Make Toothbrush Time Fun

It’s one of the things kids despise. It’s right up there with broccoli, bedtime, and being sent to their rooms. Most kids don’t find brushing their teeth particularly interesting and are resist your pleas, threats, and begging. Try a more peaceful approach. Distract your kids with fun and games when it’s time to brush.

Once Upon a Time . . .  

Give them the facts in the form of a story. Have them brush while you spin a tale. You could even turn it into a serial story and get a full week’s worth of brushing out of one story.

Colour Me Pink

Get some of those dissolving pills that colour their teeth pink where the plaque is. You can get them from the pharmacist or your dentist. Use them before getting out the toothpaste so they brush away the stains, or you could do it after to show the spots they missed.

If clean teeth aren’t enough motivation, reward them with a small prize. Or, you could join in and make it a “cleanest teeth” contest.

Choo, Choo!

Trying to teach kids proper brushing technique is the last thing on your mind when you can’t even get them to open their mouths. Turn the toothbrush into train wheels that go round and round over their teeth.

Yes, you do have to make the train sounds. It’s worth a few moments of humiliation to get your kids to brush their teeth well.

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? A bunch of lather is a good thing. It means the toothpaste and your kids are working together to get the job done. Encourage your kids to make lots and lots of bubbles. Even if they suspect you’re up to something, no kid can resist making a big mess.

Kill two birds with one stone and teach them to spit their bubbles out. You won’t have to worry about them swallowing the fluoride, and they’ll get a great cleaning.

Following the Leader

Your kids are watching you. They are eager to copy your every move. Brush your teeth right alongside them. You can even get matching toothbrushes or see who can take the longest brushing their teeth. Learning healthy behaviour all starts with what they see you do. Let them see how much you love brushing your teeth, and they will too.

Let’s Count Your Teeth

The “tooth doctor” is a very important part of your kids’ dental health. We know keeping your kids’ teeth clean is a constant battle. A cleaning and check-up every six months fills in the gap where brushing falls short. Tell the kids it’s time to get their teeth counted and come on in!

At Azarko Dental Clinic, we make visiting the dentist fun and comfortable. We take care of your kids as if they were our own. If your little ones are a bit anxious, we offer sleep dentistry to make dental work less scary.

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