Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

 Azarko Marketing  Thursday, June 08, 2017

Tooth sensitivity is characterized by pain and discomfort when the teeth are exposed to hot, cold, acidic, or sweet foods and beverages. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that your Edmonton dentist can help you with. At the Edmonton dental clinic of the Azarko Dental Group we often see patients who are dealing with tooth sensitivity.

Teeth can become sensitive when the protective outer layer of enamel becomes too thin to provide adequate protection for the dentin underneath. Tooth dentin contains nerve endings, and thin enamel leaves these sensitive nerve endings exposed. There are many dental problems which may lead to sensitive teeth, as well as many possible treatment options.

Dental Issues That May Cause Sensitive Teeth

Dentin can become thin due to a number of different dental issues or bad dental habits, such as:

  • Using a toothbrush with hard bristles.
  • Brushing with too much force.
  • Eating too many acidic foods and beverages, such as citrus fruits, citrus fruit juices, and pop.
  • Consuming too much sugar.
  • Cracked or broken teeth.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Worn, damaged fillings.
  • Recession of the gums, leaving the sensitive tooth root exposed.
  • Tooth grinding, particularly at night.

Essentially, any habit or dental problem which results in thin and damaged enamel has the potential to result in pain and sensitivity.

Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

If your tooth sensitivity is mild and not too bothersome, then you can try taking some steps at home to reduce it. Stay away from the foods and beverages which are causing you trouble, and try to improve your brushing and flossing habits. Consider trying out a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth as well.

It is possible for mild sensitivity to clear up on its own. Nevertheless, you should tell your Edmonton dentist at your next dental check-up that you have been experiencing tooth sensitivity. Don't wait for your next check-up if your sensitivity is severe, especially if your check-up isn't coming up anytime soon. Try to see your dentist as soon as you can.

Your Edmonton dentist will likely give you some tips on how you can improve your oral hygiene habits and what sort of toothpaste you should be using. They may also apply topical fluoride to help restore your tooth enamel. If a lot of enamel has worn away and a lot of dentin has been exposed, then your dentist will likely apply a crown or sealants. A tooth that is sensitive due to tooth decay may require a root canal.

If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, then the Edmonton dentists at Azarko Dental Group are here to help. We'll get down to the bottom of what is causing your tooth sensitivity, provide you with symptoms relief, and come up with an effective treatment plan.

Don't let sensitive teeth continue to cause you pain and discomfort any longer. Contact the Azarko Dental Group Edmonton dental clinic today.

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