Meet Our Denturist

Dr. Howard Getty

Born and raised in Edmonton, Howard is a true second generation Denturist. His father Homer owned Hale Dental lab, and Howard started working evenings and weekends in the dental lab at the ripe old age of thirteen. He attended NAIT and graduated in 1977, after a two year apprenticeship he took over his father's dental lab and started his own denture clinic. In 2007 he joined the Azarko team to help round out their services by providing an in house denturist.

Working at Azarko dental has allowed Howard the exciting opportunity to work on implant supported dentures and partials. An implant supported denture can often restore function in even the most difficult cases. Imagine once again being able to chew foods you thought you would never be able to eat again, or to no longer need a clasp to hold your partial in place.

Howard maintains his own denture lab next door to the Azarko clinic, where all of his denture work is done. The problem with trying to do the best work possible is that if you want no compromises you have to do the work yourself. The fitting and construction of your denture or partial will be done by Howard himself.

Visit us and have the Mini Implant System placed to enhance the retention of your complete dentures

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